we use automated technology to connect businesses with aligned MUSICIANS & their FANS - all in the one place.
Mutually beneficial collaborations

connect with ONE OF A KIND brand ambassadors & their fan base.


influencers have followers.


No matter what the platform, on and off social media, musicians hold their fans, purpose, authenticity and value.

With a focus on the creator economy, FEED MUSIC's goal is to shift the way that businesses engage with  CREATORS pushing for authenticity and integrity, encouraging BRANDS to  channel their money, products and services towards humans who deserve it - musicians (and their fans).

There are endless ways to engage your brand with touring artists & we want to help you think outside the box when it comes to collaborating ...

Need an star for your next jean commercial?

Looking for rappers who engage in social justice and have a sweet tooth? Too easy.

Want an old or new tune to help launch your next campaign?

Have a product or service that needs road testing?

Looking for 25 year old females who use cruelty-free skincare and make mellow house beats? We’ve got you.

Want an indie artist based in California to perform at your industry event?

Or do you just love live music and simply want to give back?

We got you.


FEED MUSIC provides a direct, transparent and accountable path for brands and businesses to collaborate with musicians (and their fans) in a truly meaningful way, not only to benefit  the artist, but also push your business forward to the right audiences.

We automate and streamline the brand - artist - fan connection. The platform provides campaign builders, contracting & agreements, clear campaign management, payments and accountability on all sides.

The platform facilitates a direct line of marketing and connection to the musicians fanbase who in turn become brand ambassadors themselves.

FEED MUSIC welcomes brands to the music community, creating an environment where a business has a genuine impact on the success of the artists career and mental health.

Get Started

automatic aggregated
matching =

brand preference & mass market reach

Feed Music is a data-driven matchmaking system designed to streamline and simplify the process of collaborating with musicians.

Using machine learning and unique algorithms,  FEED MUSIC does the work for you. On the platform discover brand affinity in quality emerging and established artists – and the hyper-relevant audiences that come with them.

FEED MUSIC walks you through an automated campaign creation process, we work with you to understand your key deliverables and target demographics - feeding you the perfect artists for your next campaign or event.


Register to FEED MUSIC to create your own business profile.

We want to get to know you, whats your story, whats on offer, what do you stand for - we want to help you connect and thrive.

CREATE & Discover

Using our automated campaign creator, create up your artist & fan opportunity.

Set custom filters & dive deep into data and find the artists whose audiences look the same as your customers.


Make an offer to an artist to collaborate with your business – or simply send support to an someone you love or who needs it.

Bespoke or at scale... select just one artist or simultaneously reach out to one-hundred. Aggregated matching scaled - no need for multiple conversations, emails or negotiations saving you valuable time.

Watch your collab unfold

Via the platform artists are sent all deliverables including payment terms.

Those who accept your opportunity automatically enter into an agreement and the campaign is confirmed.

No back and forth, no drawn out negotiations. We offer transparency and accountability on all sides including automated reminders, clear deliverables, contracts & payments.









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ADRIAN eagle
Brisbane, QLD

Stats on stats on stats

Believe the hype...


Are artist agreements contra or is there remUNernation involved?

Like you, each artist is unique and will all have different expectations, similar to traditional influencers - the bigger the artist influencer (usually) the bigger the expectation and (sometimes) remuneration may be required depending on the desired outcome, but don't be fooled artists are generally easy going and greatest of humans to work with!

How do I know what's appropriate to offer an artist?

In terms of product alignment, It's all about having a good understanding of the artist you are offering to, your audience and the artists to ensure you both share similar interests and values. Think of it a bit like tinder, we give artists an opportunity when they register to choose their values, interests and the types of offers they would like to receive so the artists you view are curated to be a degree of a fit, so it's up to you dig a little deeper to find your perfect match.
In terms of remuneration, work within your budgets and target artists who are likely to fit your budget, we are here to help and there are plenty of tools out there that can help you come up with a magic number but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all artists started somewhere so it's important to support artists big and small. 

To help make informed decisions for your business on the platform we include a number of artist performance KPIs like social engagement across multiple platforms, number of followers, brand affinity & spotify streams to make sure you are aligning with the right artists and your offer is appropriate.

What Other businesses are you working with?

We work with all kinds of businesses from clothing brands to theme parks, we are here not only to support musicians with the necessities but also the niceties enhancing every day lives and improving their mental wellbeing.
Chances are if you have a business you can get involved!

Is this for big enterprise or small biz?

Feed Music is for allll of the businesses big and small; the ecosystem relies on everyone supporting each other.

As a business you are so valuable, simply your presence on the platform adds value across the board not only encouraging other artists to register and get involved but also encourages businesses to jump on and support as well.

FEED MUSIC works with businesses behind the scenes to ensure all artists are supported in their own way, big & small.

Can I choose the artists I work with?

100% the artists that will show up on your feed will be curated to both of your preferences to ensure a good match and alignment.

As a business you have the opportunity to connect with artists privately via the platform that share your values in the hope that you can both work together.
We will always work with businesses to encourage them to only engage with artists who are aligned. 

What kinds of things can I do to help support artists?

There are SO many ways you can support live music / the artist & we are grateful for any kind of love you can spare.

Things like a small coffee, crew discount, buy one get one free, a wholesome meal, new kicks, a room to stay.

The Goal of FEED MUSIC is to partner with artists that will support you back, that means knowing both of your audiences so ensure you are offering things that are of interest or value to them - if the match is natural then they will have no issues supporting you and your business!

Why is this different? I’ve given things to influencers in the last and got nothing back.

The advantage of FEED MUSIC lies within its nice "influencers" – Musicians.

In essence, music is the original influencer. 

Music has been at the forefront of revolutions, movements, and trends, it's engrained in daily life, follows you in your car, on your TV, at your sporting games, it's there when you celebrate, its at your wedding and at your funerals. Musicians deserve more support and credit than they are currently receiving, FEED MUSIC can help with this.

Musicians are following their passion, providing true value and have real tangible fans on and off social media regardless of the transitions social platforms may make over time, the fans will follow & remain loyal.

Why does this platform exist?

To keep music alive.

Do I have creative control? / do I get to choose what the musicians post?

Yes - But its super important the engagement is collaborative with the musician, like it is to your brand image and aesthetic is super important to artists, so again its important that you are working with artists who are already aligned with you and your business to a degree so the engagement and content is authentic.

We are encouraging businesses to engage with artists on a holistic level - not just using musicians for their influence but also for their creative skill sets like including their music in their advertisements, hire a musician to design their next packaging or label, take photos of their next campaign or get amongst the clothing in ad campaigns rather than traditional models.

Get creative with content creation and your artist engagement, communicate with your connection and work together to find something that makes sense and is natural for both parties - nobody likes to be sold things.

What size artists do you have on the platform?

“… Started from the bottom, now we here”

We love alllll of the musics, all genres and at all levels, we want to see those musical babies grow up and leave the nest.
Everyone starts from somewhere so we encourage you as a business to support not only the big artists but the small ones.

Are these long term contracts with the artists I work with or one off engagements?

No, we don’t want to tie anyone down, we do encourage long term and sustainable partnerships but our focus is on one off unique agreements between artist and business.

Do I have to pay anything to use this platform?

There is no fee to register, but there are fees to engage with the artist. These fees are broken down into a small offer fee and an acceptance fee which is tiered depending on the size of the artist.

To encourage businesses in remote areas to join in there are no acceptance costs for these businesses.

Please see our map to see if you are located in a rural space.

These are well thought out and affordable so everyone can get involved big biz and small.

We also have a monthly listing if you want to offer a service or product discount to all the users on the app!

I’m located in a rural area, can I still use Feed Music?

Of course, our hope is that as the platform grows so does the reach of the participating businesses.

To encourage businesses in remote areas to join in there are no acceptance costs for these businesses.
Please see our map to see if you are located in a rural space.

Is it only for touring musicians or for any musician?

Each year an artist will go through many cycles including writing & recording. We understand most artists aren't touring ALL the time - Also COVID…. Feed Music is here no matter what phase an artist is going through.

I'm an international business and i want to join.

Yes please! The plan is global domination.Please reach out and get involved the more support globally the more touring musicians globally.

Is this for musicians only or for crew as well?

Great question, we have tossed and turned over this one.

Currently this is for musicians only, however we understand there are many people behind the scenes that contribute to the success of an artist.

Our hope is that this will support the artists and in turn will make it easier for artist to support their crew.

General offers like a team discount would be a great support for all.

We are a franchise, do we all sign up or have just one login?

We can work with you to ensure it makes sense for your business, as an example, if you have the one owner with multiple stores it would be the one login.

If you have unique owners for each store we would suggest an alternative logins per store so each store can manage their own offers independently.

We are a baby project and are still developing, growing & learning, but as we grow and evolve as a platform we will add additional features, things like multiple team members and store options is at the top of our list.

We love feedback so feel free to reach out and let us know what you want and need to make this the best possible space.

I still have questions or a suggestion to make this better - who do I speak to?

Go straight to the source <3

Pixie Weyand is the founder of FEED MUSIC and wants to see her baby grow up to be the best possible form it can be, you can find her at - helloitsme@feedmusic.org

let’s find the artist who embodies your brand.

We’ve got an app dropping soon – but you don’t have to wait for that to get in on everything Feed Music has to offer. Tell us what your ideal customer looks like, and we’ll use that to link you up with your first artist.

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