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Get backstage access to epic experiences & PARTNER PERKS while Supporting The artists you love.

We’re changing the music industry, for good

Times are tough for the folks who fill our ears with the musical equivalent of joy.

Between COVID-19 restrictions and streaming services who only cater to the 1%, the majority of musicians have been left out in the cold.

Say hello to Feed Music, a platform that connects & supports.

For the fans, no clashes and no noise-restrictions. Just 24/7, 365 access to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, unique behind-the scenes content, gig tickets, exclusive merch, records, rad deals from our partner brands and a whole lot more.

The best bit? You get to choose which artists you want to contribute to each and every month, no matter who you listen to - so you can make a difference in the lives of the artists you love.

vip access

live shows

Exclusive merch



Travel Costs

Nft records

epic deals

artist discovery




jam sessions


Early tickets

A hire car



Support your fav artists

Connect and show your support to your favourite artists - They get the biggest piece of the pie.

Shout them a coffee, a meal on their next tour, contribute to their next record.

Follow your favourite artists journey and contribute to their next release. Be it by casting your vote on album names or lyrics, designing their next merch drop or helping produce their next record.

It’s VIP, AAA access to your favourite artists.

Be recognised & rewarded

FEED MUSIC wants you to be recognised and rewarded for your support to live music.

We work with artists and brands to channel the best brand deals, discounts and freebeees your way.

Mutually beneficial relationships - always.

early access to merch & tickets

No more waiting rooms where the website crashes on you the moment you hit “Buy”. With Feed Music, you get access to tickets before they hit the mainstream.

And what’s more? Our mech tent is stacked with exclusive drops for you to stand out at your next gig.

music for the greater good

Be a part of a movement, made for to help our favourite musicians. The ones you dance to in your kitchen, the ones you’d jump a festival fence for, the ones who are there for you through the highs and lows.
We want to give back to those who give so much to us.

With your help, we can make sure that musicians are doing what they do best, making the sounds and experiences we love.

Grab your ticket

Register to the Feed Music  waitlist now to be front row!

indulge your obsession

Directly Support your favourite artists


You’ll find exclusive tees, hats and totes donned with everything from never-seen-before album art to old tour dates that fill your heart with nostalgia.

gRAB a rad BRAND deal

We’ve partnered with brands who want to see the same things we do; our artists making it big in the music industry.  Get exclusive deals made just for the Feed Music community.

artists on board

keeping music alive

artists on board

Keeping Music Alive







Can I use FM in rural areas?

Of course, our hope is that as the platform grows so does the reach of the participating businesses. To encourage businesses in remote areas to join in there are no acceptance costs for these businesses.

I'm a bigger artist, I don't want to take this away from smaller artists?


Feed Music is for artists big and small; the ecosystem relies on the bigger artists to support the smaller.
As a more established artist you are so valuable, your presence & without using a dirty word your “influence” on the platform adds value across the board not only encouraging other artists to register and get involved but also encourages businesses to jump on and support as well. 

FEED MUSIC works with businesses behind the scenes to ensure all artists are supported in their own way, big & small.

Can I choose if I want to work with a business?

The power is in your hands always - if you do not feel comfortable with a businesses request or you don’t feel like they are aligned with you as an artist you can simply decline.We will always work with businesses to encourage them to only engage with artists who are aligned.

What kinds of things can I get support with?

The Goal of FEED MUSIC is to partner with businesses that will support you in the necessities like accom, food & transport, as well as the niceties like personal products and clothing.

I'm not an "influencer" I'm a musician is this for me?

We are NOT about blatant product placement or "selling things". That’s not a vibe.The power is in your hands and totally up to the individual artist to connect with businesses that they believe in and are comfortable working with. FEED MUSIC is here to encourage businesses to promote their products in a genuine and meaningful way.

Why does this platform exist?


Do I have creative control? / do I get to choose what I post?

Yes 100% - there are many ways you can work with businesses, its not about blatant product placement, we want to see authentic and meaningful relationships between artist and business.Get creative with content creation, communicate with your connection and work together to find something that makes sense for both parties.

I'm just starting out and don't have many followers, can I still join?

“… Started from the bottom, now we here”


We love alllll of the musics, we want to see those musical babies grow up and leave the nest.Everyone starts from somewhere so even if you are starting out there are still ways FEED MUSIC can help and support you on your musical journey.

I have sponsorship already, can I still use it?

Yassssss - BUT - Be smart about it plz.

Its up to you as an artist to make good choices, if you have signed something outside of FEED MUSIC as an exclusive deal with a business / brand, chances are they will want you to be exclusive to that specific product e.g if you are supported by Nike, probs dont accept an endorsement from Adidas and vice versa. 

The ball is always in your court.

Am I locked into contracts with the businesses I work with?

No, we don’t want to tie anyone down, we do encourage long term and sustainable partnerships but our focus is on one off unique agreements between artist and business.

Do I have to pay anything to use this platform?

Nope, artists don't pay a cent, hopefully we can give you cents.

Can I use this when I'm not on tour?

Yep! There are many phases for an artists year and we understand most artists aren't touring ALL the time, also COVID…. We are here no matter what time you are going though.

Can I use this internationally?

SOOOOOON!!! The plan is global domination. Stay tuned.

Is this for musicians only or can my crew use this platform ?

Great question, we have tossed and turned over this one.

Currently this is for musicians only, however we understand there are many people behind the scenes that contribute to the success of an artist.

Our hope is that this will support the artists and in turn will make it easier for artist to support their crew.

We will be encouraging businesses to do team discounts to help the wider crew while on the road.

I'm in a band with multiple members, do we all sign up or just one login?

We are a baby project and are still developing, growing & learningInitially there will be one login per band, but as we grow and evolve as a platform we will add additional features, things like multiple team members is at the top of our list.We love feedback so feel free to reach out and let us know what you want and need to make this the best possible space.

I still have questions or a suggestion to make this better - who do I speak to?

Go straight to the source <3

Pixie Weyand is the founder of FEED MUSIC and wants to see her baby grow up to be the best possible form it can be, you can find her at -

help us change the music industry

We are in the early stages of creating this epic experience. Get involved early and be the first to enter the Feed Music Festival. This is an experience like no other to let you get up close and personal with your favourite artists.
Let's make a difference, for the love of music.

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